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Python apps:

Battle Counter 1.0

Java apps:

Tsuyu (Alpha)

EWS 2D Physics Engine Demo

Note, these Java apps require the Java SDK installed in order to run them!

Mac OS/IOS apps:

ChisanaText for OSX 10.4+

ChisanaText for OSX 10.9+

Twig for OSX 10.4+

Twig for OSX 10.13+

Simply Light torch for iOS 5.3+

Tsuyu Version 1.01 for OSX Tiger 10.4.11+

Chisana PDF for OSX 10.4.11+

Chisana PDF for OSX 10.13+

ChisanaText for OSX 10.13+

Twig for OSX 10.14+

Tsuyu for OSX 10.13+

ChisanaPDF for iOS 8+

Nintendo Game Boy Apps:

Turkey Talk for DMG Gameboy +

Calculator for DMG Gameboy +

Sand for DMG Gameboy +

Home Brewed Operating Systems:

Matrix OS (Alpha)

Ubic OS (Alpha)


Reflections On Chaos

Morning in the City (Alpha V 0.0.1)