A better look at Sapien

This tutorial covers Sapien more in depth and shows you how to place Player spawns, weapons, equipment, scenery and more.

Sapien is like forge for Halo 3 +, only a lot more powerful.

Although I've explained how to place objects in Sapien in a certain way, feel free to experiment. try different scenery in different places. change the color of the lights that were placed in the previous tutorial, change the weapons, select different ones from the list. (IE, rocket launchers, flame throwers, SMGs, ect)

What makes this stage of the design phase so interesting is that you have the ability to do truly unique things to the map and the resources that are amount of different sound scenery, try some of the others out. What is important is that the map is enjoyable for you.

You may want to experiment with teleporters, the teleporter scenery objects are known as teleporter shield and teleporter base and can be found in the scenery folder. It helps to raise them slightly above the ground using the Z axis text field.

One important thing to note however is to use sapien sparingly. the game engine has a limit to the amount of scenery that can be placed in a BSP, on top of that, too much in a small area tends to look cluttered, so keep frugality in mind while placing items into your map.

One thing not covered in the tutorial are vehicles. When placing them, make sure you select the multiplayer version of the vehicle before hand (non-multiplayer vehicles will not spawn), and select the game-modes you want it to appear in. I recommend simply ticking all the boxes under game-modes that they will appear in to begin with.

Objectives for this lesson:

1: Learn how to place various items in Sapien.

2: Learn how to correctly place player spawns in Sapien.

3: Learn how to set up flags for game-modes in Sapien

4: Learn how to place teleporters in Sapien.


Scenery on Halo CE mapping website

To install these items, simply copy the contents of the zip file they come in, into your tags folder (or if the contents has a folder named tags in it, copy the tags folder into your halo custom edition folder)

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