Lightmapping, Sapien and Guerilla

This lesson covers lightmapping, Sapien, Guerilla, and how to fix bad textures

most of what occurs in this tutorial is about lighting.

Lighting in Halo Custom Edition is devided into two types, sky light and source light. Sky light is that generated from the sky, where as source lighting has a source it is generated from, IE, a baton.

Objectives for this lesson:

1: Learn how to set sky, player starting equipment and level type in Geurilla.

2: Learn how to fix bad textures in Geurilla.

3: Learn how to lightmap your level in Tool.

4: Learn how to navigate Sapien.

5: Learn how to place lighting and scenery in Sapien.


Here is a link to HEK plus as mentioned in the tutorial:

HEK plus

You can use the search bar on the side of Halo Maps to look up the campaign maps for Halo Custom Edition. HEK Plus as far as I know only works on Windows 8 and Older, so you may need to run it in a virtual machine. I recommend Windows 7 or XP

There are links to tutorials in the help tab of HEK plus.

Here is a link to all the tags from the Halo 1 Campaign:

All Halo 1 campaign tags

The next page will go into more depth with Sapien:

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