Texturing your BSP in Gmax

Today we will be covering texturing and later UVW mapping in Gmax.

When texturing a map, it is important to choose textures that suit the map, and also textures that will not appear too stretched over an area.

Some textures are known as detail maps, they usually have the word detail in their names. These textures are not directly applied to the map, and will not function correctly if applied.

For your map, I would recommend a range of metal textures which can be found in the data folder of your halo CE installation, after you have installed HEK, available for download from the links below.

HEK is required for the rest of the tutorial and requires an install of Halo Custom Edition. Halo custom edition can be found for download in the links below, it requires a Halo 1 PC CD code, Halo 1 for PC can also be bought from Microsoft via the links below. If you live outside of the US like me, I would recommend using Ebay where I bought my copy from.

When installing HEK, make sure to copy the chimp script to the scripts folder of your Gmax installation, also copy the gearbox model importer to this folder (link below)

Objectives for this lesson:

1: Use the Gmax texture editor to texture the BSP you made in the previous tutorial.

2: Use Gmax to UVW map and scale the textures of your BSP.


Halo Custom Edition

HEK toolkit

Gearbox model importer

Halo Custom Edition Latest patch (1.10, May 2014)

If you are having any difficulty with installing HEK or any part of this tutorial, create a free account on the Halo Maps Forum here (see link below) and create a new thread in which to pose your question, answers are normally prompt.

Halo maps Forum

Another good source of help is the HEK toolkit which includes a wealth of information and tutorials from Bungie and Gearbox, Halo CE's creators.

In order to get a legitimate version of Halo Custom Edition, you need to buy the original Halo CE from Microsoft and use the CD key that comes with it to activate the game. Here is a link to the web page you can buy it from. (Note, this is only shippable inside the US, I bought my copy of Ebay.):

Halo: Combat Evolved from Microsoft

With texturing done, we are ready to export and scale our map in the next tutorial:

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