The basics of Gmax

Today we will be covering the basics of Gmax.

Gmax is a free clone of an old version of the well known 3D modeling software 3DS Max

Gmax is an excellent tool for BSP making,

however it is still somewhat limited in what it can do for the Halo CE engine,

for more features such as animations, use 3DS Max.

for this tutorial you will need a copy of Gmax, which I have a link to below.

Keep in mind the basics I have demonstrated in this tutorial, when making your BSP in the next tutorial.

Objectives for this lesson:

1: Learn how to use Gmax

2: Create band manipulate basic shapes in Gmax


Gmax 1.2 on Turbo Squid

You will need to register with Turbo squid to get a product key for Gmax 1.2, this is also free:

Turbo Squid Registration

When you are ready, proceed to the next tutorial where I will be covering making the BSP:

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