Wrapping Up


Having completed the previous tutorials and constructed a multiplayer map for Halo Custom Edition this tutorial is completed

I hope you enjoyed these tutorials as much as I did making them and I look forward to seeing more of what you come up with as you bring your imagination to life.

If you have not already, I highly recommend creating an account on the Halo map forums using this link:

The Halo Map Forums

Pay carefull attention to any critique or feedback you receive on your maps, the best way to improve your skills is usually to accept when something could have been done better and improve your mistakes.

I am always avalible to test a map if you so wish. If you want to share a map with me, send a link to it. (you may want to upload it to google drive)

My email is: jobalisk@eternitywarestudios.xyz

Here is a link to the final copy of my map Lone Obalisk:

Lone Obalisk

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