Publishing your map

This is the final phase of this course, putting your map up online for all the world to see.

This phase is not compulsory, if you don't want to publish your map, stop reading here.

However, if you do want the rest of the world to see your achievement, then follow the video above.

While your uploading your map, you may wish to look at some other people's maps on the two websites below (don't navigate away from the upload page while its uploading though.) Some especially good ones can be found under the art of Halo CE (link below)

It is important to note that the name of your map must be UNIQUE for it to be accepted.

Objectives for this lesson:

1: Upload your map to Halo Custom Edition Maps and or CE3.


Halo CE maps website submissions

CE3 submissions

The Art of Halo CE

Finally, if your ready, proceed to the next page where I'm going to wrap up

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