Testing your map

Coming to the end of this course, we reach the testing phase.

This phase is all about fine tuning, finding out what works, what doesn't, and how to fix it.

This phase can either be the longest or the shortest phase of the map construction. it all depends on:

A: What exactly do you want to achieve.

B: How satisfied you are with the map as it stands

The best way to make testing your map a short affair, is to make sure that your careful when placing items in sapien and think over the consequences before you do so. For example, do you really need two rocket launchers? when placing a player spawn, is that player a bit too close to the warthog? ect.

Finally, ALWAYS remember, do not change more than one thing at a time before testing it again.

Objectives for this lesson:

1: Beta test your map in Halo Custom Edition

2: Learn the basic command set for Halo Custom Editions command line.

HINT: Press tab after pressing the ~ key to see all commands. additional information can be learn t from pressing tab after typing part of a command.


UI map files for tutorial -> Custom UI tutorial

The next page concerns uploading and publishing your map, when you are ready and happy with what you have achieved, go forth and upload your map.

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