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How to make a multiplayer map for Halo Custom Edition, for dummies

Hello there, and welcome to another Jobalisk tutorial

Over the next 11 pages and using a variety of E-Learning methods I will be teaching you how to:

draw up, model, texture, manipulate, compile, test and finally publish a multiplayer map for Halo Custom Edition.

But first. What IS Halo Custom Edition?

Having made it this far, I hope that you would already know, but here's the run down:

Halo Custom Edition is Bungie's PC rerelease of its famous game Halo Combat Evolved, or Halo 1.

What makes this particular game unique is it is a completely customisable sandbox where users can

create whatever content they want using the HEK toolkit and programs such as 3DS Max or Gmax then

compile the content and play it in the game. examples include custom BSP's (3d models of maps), bipeds (IE, a Mario model),

vehicles, weapons, equipment, scenery (ie, a walnut tree), sounds, textures, User interfaces and much more.

To the extent that a user could create an entirely new and different game to run inside Halo Custom Edition's (HCE for short) game engine.

this is therefore an excellent starting point for beginners who want to get into 3d modeling, game design and the like.

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There is a lot to cover, and making custom maps can be difficult and frustrating at times, but it is very rewarding, that said,

turn the page at the bottem of the screen and we will begin!

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